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Liquid Roofing System for Terraces - OLD TERRACES AND SLOPING ROOFS ....


Opening up the defective areas and cracks in V groove thickness as necessary. Providing and applying a brush coat of cement + polymer in proportion 1:1. Refilling the same with polymer modified mortar in proportion 1:3.5 using screened sand and adding polymer by 20% by weight of cement. Curing the same at least 3 days.

The roof waterproofing material to be used shall be Traffigard Liquid Roof Waterproofing System. The System shall be single component ready-mixed 100% heavy-bodied acrylic polymer gel roofing membrane consisting of five layers, with a nominal thickness of 0.8mm inclusive of the chopped strand fibre-glass reinforcement for high tear resistance. The reinforcement used shall be 225gsm emulsion bond chopped strand fibre-glass mat. The Traffigard system shall be a seamless waterproofing membrane when cured, and vapour permeable allowing vapour to transmit at a rate of 42.87g/m2 over 24 hours. Traffigard shall be flexible and passes the 3mm mandrel (ASTM D 1737), and shall be able to bridge hairline cracks. Traffigard system shall remain stable after 2,000 hours exposure in the QUV Weatherometer (ASTM D882). Traffigard shall also be able to withstand regular foot traffic as well as light-wheeled traffic

The elongation of the Traffigard system shall be at least 180% (ASTM D882) and tensile strength shall be 16.8 N/mm2 (ASTM D412). The impact resistance according to ASTM D2794 using a 2kg weight through a 1m fall, shall show no crack or detachment from the substrate. The Traffigard System shall be resistant to some diluted acids, oil, weak solvents, diluted alkalis and most detergent solutions. Traffigard material shall be supplied in 20 litres container, at least 55% solids content by weight. Cleaning the surface for treatment by removing dust, dirt etc by wire brushing & water jetting.

Providing and carrying out TRAFFIGARD exposed waterproofing system in one coat of primer, one coat of TRAFFIGARD BODY COAT and immediately laying chopped strand fiber glass mat immediately covered by second BODYCOAT and then coating the complete area with one coat of TRAFFIGARD TOPCOAT.

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