Surface applied In-depth cementitious waterproofing system with dormant process of forming insoluble Gel Crystals. (Concealed In-depth system for Basements Raft & Retaining Walls).

Water - Stoppers

Swellable water bars for construction joints with expanding capacity up to 150% of original Size when in contact with water.

Premixed mortar

Cementitious, ready-mix, efflorescence-free mortar for waterproofing of construction joints and repairs to concrete defects like Honeycomb etc. Having hydrophobic properties resistance to water and moisture and compressive strength of 40N / Sq.MM in 28days.

Instant Plug

Cementitious ready mix rapid setting compound for plugging water leaks and moisture ingress.

Liquid applied membrane

Two component, cementitious, high tensile waterproofing protective membrane coating. (Concealed system for wet areas)

Liquid applied membrane

Two component, cementitious, polymer modified, high flexural and tensile, waterproofing and protective coating. (Concealed system for Pools and water bodies)

Liquid applied membrane

Single component, liquid applied, seamless, non - toxic, non - flammable, elastomeric membrane based on high elastic organic polymer. Having 500% elongation capacity. (Concealed system for Terraces and Podiums)

Liquid applied membrane

Seamless polymer based liquid applied reinforced U. V. and abrasion resistant elastomeric with 180% elongation waterproofing system. (Exposed system for all general exposed roofs)

Elastomeric Exterior coating

Liquid applied 100% acrylic based with 300% elongation capacity flexible elastomeric anti- carbonation and alkali resistant vapour permeable membrane , high build system with decorative finish.

Latex based Polymer
Polymer based additive for plasticity, Concrete repair, and Bonding agent.
Polypropylene Fibres
Plastic reinforcement for anti-shrinkage in concrete and mortar.
Construction Chemicals
Plasticizers, Retarders, antishrinkage, rusticides, etc.

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