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Elastomeric Water Proofing System for Walls -EXTERNAL WALLS


Erecting scaffolding, opening up the defective areas and cracks in V groove upto 5 to 8 mm width and depth as necessary. Providing and applying a brush coat of cement + AQUABOND 150 (polymer) in proportion 1:1. Refilling the same with polymer modified mortar in proportion 1:3.5 using screened sand and adding polymer by 20% by weight of cement. Curing the same at least 3 days.



The wall waterproofing coating system to be used shall be Sealflex Elastomeric Wall Waterproofing Coating System. It is a heavy-duty, high build, elastomeric wall coating system for external walls and other vertical substrates. It gives a strong, durable and elastic membrane that bridges small cracks and tolerates some movement of the substrate. It is ideally suitable for less sound substrates such as concrete or plaster that contains hairline cracks or that is subjected to movement within itself. The system shall consist of a suitable primer, a 100 % acrylic elastomeric bodycoat and a topcoat, and the total dry film thickness shall be approximately 320 microns. The system shall pass the 3.0mm Mandrel, with elongation of more than 300 % and subjected to accelerated weathering test with no visible defects after 2,000 hours in the QUV Weatherometer. Its carbon dioxide diffusion resistance shall be 4.4 x 105 u. It shall have a water vapour transmission rate of 48.3 gm/m2/24 hours.

Cleaning the entire surface with water and wire brushing to remove algae, fungi, moss, etc. Providing and applying SEALFLEX heavy duty, high build, elastomeric waterproofing coating system on clean, dry, oil and dirt free, sound substrate in one coat of primer, two coats of FORMELAST AF body coat & two coats of FORMWAL 620 top coat


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