Products : Nuraprufe 415

HDPE Pre-applied Waterproofing Membrane




Nuraprufe 415 membrane is unique as it is made up of composite sheets comprisijng of thick HDPE film, an agressive pressure sensitive adhesive and a weather resistant protective coating


Areas of Usage
• Basement Stuctures • Tunnels • Ground Slabs

Supply & Install Nuraprufe 415 (fully bonded) HDPE
membrane system
SPEED – 3* x faster than conventional system. Loose laid on lean concrete and subsequently fully bonded to
underside of base slab
Fully bonded to underside of base slab (rc structure) instead of lean concrete (Non structural membrane) Formceal 3000X is compatible with NURAPRUFE 415 membrane.It is applied on positive side of
basement vertical structures.
Formceal 3000X is cold applied and easy to install. It overlaps the NURAPRUFE 415 membrane by 100mm


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